Games, Cognition, and Emotion

University of Hamburg, 5-6 July 2013

Panel II.1: Games and Emotion I

Kathrin Fahlenbrach, University of Hamburg

Affective Spaces in Video Games

The multimodal design of spaces in video games relevantly guides the affective experience of the players. It implies not only cues for cognitive orientation and disorientation, but also emotion cues performed by visual, acoustic, and senso-motoric devices. Thereby complex emotion scripts are addressed in players’ minds and bodies that are given the gestalt of embodied metaphors. As will be argued in the paper, players are moving, acting, and sometimes interacting with other players in metaphorical spaces that are densely designed to make them experience genre specific game emotions.

The paper will discuss relevant affective functions of spaces for game-play in different genres and present a cognitive approach to analyze their metaphoric and multimodal design.

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Kathrin Fahlenbrach is Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany. One of her main research topics lies in emotion, embodiment and cognitive metaphors in moving images. She is author of the book Audiovisual Metaphors. Embodied and Affective Aesthetics in Film and Television (original title: Audiovisuelle Metaphern. Zur Körper- und Affektästhetik in Film und Fernsehen, Marburg: Schüren-Verlag 2010).

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